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The Blue

The Blue looks infinite like heaven, it is like a flooded sky in which creatures float with light and agile bodies. So immense that there is no human eye that can detail its beginning and its end.

The Blue is very different from here. There is blue. Blue in all its nuances, in all its definitions. His landscape is a rainbow of colors always dotted with a blue hue. The Blue looks infinite like heaven. Like a flooded sky in which creatures float with light and agile bodies. It is so immense that there is no human eye that can detail its beginning and its end.

Observing its infinity makes one doubt the same existence; you are only a small point within a tiny fragment of the blue giant.

Being a creature from here over there is confusing; Like finding a wolf in the desert, like an elephant trying to walk by unnoticed. You must learn to be one of them. Learn to live from the basics: breathe.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. At a constant rate. Don't stop.

Your life depends on a heavy metal cylinder that makes you move forward like a weird water snail.

There is silent. Flexible fiber and bone creatures slide in perfect coordination along invisible paths. They move alone, in small groups or in huge shoals. It is like a great metropolis, always on the move. The silent inhabitants move quietly submerged in themselves while not losing detail of their surroundings.

Occasionally they parade in rows so narrow that they almost touch each other, however there seems to be an invisible bubble that separates them. In this, the creatures there are not so different from those here, perhaps they can be compared with the schools of people who slide through the streets of the big cities. All marching at different rates, in different directions. However, unlike those who live in the dry background, the creatures there do not avoid getting too close to each other, they do not avoid their gaze, their expressions, their contact. Among them there is a deep intimacy, they watch you with all their attention, in absorbed silence, without blinking.

They move agile around you, watching you sideways. Then, they vanish into a whirlpool. Perhaps an exaggerated movement can give them the signal they expect to attack or flee.

A couple of them flutter a few meters from you. A ton of information overflows your mind. They are sharks. However, they look little like the famous killer beasts of movies that are just teeth and bone. In no time they glide smoothly until they are only two meters away from you. Their still eyes observe in apparent calm, without stirring, without dodging their eyes. What does a shark think?

A blink is all it takes to find yourself inside that sharp mouth.

But nothing happens.

It seems those sharks were not killers. Maybe that is the difference between us, the creatures from there live there. Those here live fearing imaginary sharks, unable to see each other's eyes, to see beyond their own ideas. Maybe the creatures there can teach us to stay silent and observe.


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