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Inspiration from people

In this chapter of my discovery log, I will write down all the interesting ideas that somehow were inspired by conversations with friends, strangers, family and all the people I may interact with in my daily life. Otherwise, in order to keep their privacy, I will assign them nicknames.

Misterious Moon

A shared dream.

What if we were able to share a dream with someone else? And what if we were totally "conscious" inside that dream and we were able to do things beyond our imagination? This idea may have already been developed in the movie Inception.

Narrating a journey laying down in bed.

How would it be to narrate the trips of an adventurer just by describing the places where he or she lays down to sleep? The size of the room, the view, the quality, the thickness and the smell of the sheets can tell a lot about a place.

White-feather chief



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