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Inspiration from Theories of Media and Technology

In this article I am going to briefly introduce some of the topics that have had an influence in the creation of this project. These topics were part of the curriculum of the course Theories of Media and Technology.

Media Archaeology

Media archaeology studies the ways in which media engage with the world, and how contemporary versions of things have come to be the way they are. In some way, Media archaeology inspired me to create my final project, which is an online encyclopedia.

Although encyclopedias are not conventionally categorized as media, they have characteristics in common with TV. They could even be considered the "ancestors" of TV documentaries as they compilate a wide amount of information about geography, animals, science and so on. In the case of my project I am adapting the traditional encyclopedia to a digital format, something that has been done already by many websites like Wikipedia.


As I haven't created yet the main characters of my story, I had the idea to ask the visitors of my website to propose their own characters. If you go to the page "The book of names" and click on "Characters", you will see there is a banner inviting people to create a character. When people click on the button below, they will be redirected to an avatar creator in Simple Processing that I created with code. Once people had finished creating the character, they can take a screenshot and upload it in the page "Characters".

As it was mentioned in the course of Theories of Media and Technology, games are a powerful way to interact with an audience. By inviting people to collaborate in the creation of the characters of my stories I want them to feel deeply connected with the story,


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