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Dreams: for the insane and the birds

When the first men landed in the moon, even the director of the NASA had doubts that the spaceship would land safely. When the Wright brothers touched the clouds with wings of cloth and wood, people used to think that flying was for loonies and birds. When the ships of a few brave crossed the ocean beyond the maps, -straight to "the end of the world", people thought they would fall to the abyss. Actually, they found a new continent, America.

Perhaps, to believe is to deceive yourself by prescribing invisible truths, truths that only exist because you want it that way. Perhaps that is why they are special, their “still-unborn” potential gives them a magical, intriguing aspect. They may become a reality or a phantasy. You dont know yet, time will tell.

Dreams go beyond logic, nobody can measure a dream. Even tough they may have wings made of paper, they may go beyond what anybody could ever expect. They are umpredictable. You have more chances that a meteor hit your head than winning the lottery. Although, you have a tiny hope of 1 in 16 millions, still you buy the ticket. Because what if you are that one among 16 millions?

We believe every day. We believe that we will wake up early a Monday and we will hang out late night a Friday or a Sunday. We believe that our family and friends will stay with us this year and the next 100 years like if they were eternal, inextinguishable. But actually, we can't have more certainty about our fate than a leaf that flies across a storm. Even though we may be a tiny leaf flying at the mercy of the wing, we have paper wings. And nobody knows for sure how far can go those paper wings. Because every great idea has been a dream first, and every great man or woman was once a leaf in the storm.


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