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The Magic System

"A solid, interesting and innovative system of magic in a book is something that really appeals to me. True, characters are what make a story narratively powerful—but magic is a large part of what makes the fantasy genre distinctive.
For a while now, I’ve been working on various theories regarding magic systems. There’s a lot to consider here. As a writer, I want a system that is fun to write. As a reader, I want something that is something fun to read. As a storyteller, I want a setting element that is narratively sound and which offers room for mystery and discovery. A good magic system should both visually appealing and should work to enhance the mood of a story. It should facilitate the narrative, and provide a source of conflict."
Brandon Sanderson

In order to create my magic system I will follow the three laws of magic created by the famous fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson:

  1. An author's ability to solve conflict with magic is directly proportional to how well the reader understands said magic.

  2. Weaknesses, limits and costs are more interesting than powers.

  3. The author should expand on what is already a part of the magic system before something entirely new is added, as this may otherwise entirely change how the magic system fits into the fictional world.

My magic system


Inner energy.

As a general rule every person in this universe has access to a source of energy, the inner energy. Such energy is used by every person to stay alive.

Rules of the inner energy

  • The energy locks.

Most of people in this universe have their energy channels locked. Only a few people have two channels unlocked and very very few have three channels unlocked. The more unlocked channels someone has, the more powerful they will be.

Each channel will allow its user to access to different skills, and although most of people have a channel unlocked, it's still unknown which of the seven channels will be unlocked. Otherwise such thing is not randomly decided, eventually I will explain the factors that affect it.

  • Character, affinities and weaknesses

Depending on which energy lock is unlocked, the person will develop certain affinities and weaknesses, and it will also affect its character.

Outer energy.

The outer energy is the energy that powers up the universe, it is also the energy that every living being absorbs unconsciously. As long as someone starts unlocking its channels, it will become more aware of that energy and it will be able to expand its senses to see manifestations of such energy.

Mythical Characters

In this universe exist certain entities that some have described as gods or myths. Although they are rarely seem by common people, they do exist. So far only a few have been identified:

  • Silence (read more about him)

  • The warden of the skies

  • The timeless walker

  • The wanderer

  • Death

Mythical objects and creatures

Just like there are mythical characters, there are also legendary objects and creatures. Otherwise, there is little information about them.

  • The flower of the desert.



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