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His name is Silence

Silence is shy, however you have to see what he keeps. He is not very talkative, but whenever he opens his mouth he can be very eloquent. Some say that his song is melancholic, thin as cotton candy; He doesn't need words, his melodies express more than a thousand dictionaries. Others say that he actually speaks very softly, that his voice is much less audible than a whisper, just a slight vibration in the air that gently caresses the ear. It is surprising then that sometimes Silence can impact with more force than the most inflamed speech.

Silence roams the world resting in theaters, parking lots and libraries. Silence is a city character, you can hear him walking late night through the streets, offices, parks. Like a shadow, it crawls behind the words waiting for the precise moment to squeeze them in a quiet hug.

Silence is fragile, the slightest of sounds can break its existence, however it never gives up. As soon as it has a chance it slips through any slit; below the doors, through walls and windows, through steel and concrete.

No one escapes Silence.

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